Dalton Sherman’s inspirational speech to teachers


Dalton Sherman, a 10 year old fifth grader, gave this speech at a Dallas back to school convocation in front of 17,000 people.  His speech is ~9 minutes long.  I hope you can take the time to listen and be inspired!

Read an article in the Dallas Morning News about the event. 

How to Import Favorites into Internet Explorer

  1. Open Internet Explorer
  2. Click on File and select Import and Export
  3. Select Import Favorites from a file and click Next
  4. Select Favorites and click Next
  5. Click Browse, navigate to your H drive, select the bookmark.htm file and click Open
  6. Click Next
  7. The Favorites folder should be highlighted, click Import
  8. Click Finish

How to Export & Save Your Favorites from Internet Explorer

  1. Open Internet Explorer
  2. Click on File and select Import and Export
  3. Select Export to a file and click Next
  4. Select Export Favorites and click Next
  5. The Favorites folder should be highlighted, click Next
  6. Click Browse, navigate to  your H drive and click Save
  7. Click Export
  8. Click Finish

Virginia on iTunes U Launch

 Virginia Governor Timothy M. Kaine announced the official launch of “Virginia on iTunes U,”(direct link, requires iTunes) a dedicated area within Apple’s iTunes Store featuring free access to educational content.  Through iTunes U for K-12 education, students, teachers, and other interested users can “learn on the go” by downloading audio and video content onto an iPod, iTouch, or iPhone from any computer with Internet access.

Creating Shared Calendars in Kerio WebMail

The person that creates the calendar will be the administrator.  If you want the other users  to be able to add entries to the calendar, they will need to be editors; if you only want them to view the calendar, they should be readers.

To create a calendar in Kerio:

  • right click on calendar (not the public one)
  • select new subfolder
  • type in a folder name - the folder type should be calendar
  • select ok

To share a calendar:

  • right click on the calendar name
  • select access rights
  • select add user
  • type in the username of the person you want to share the calendar with (ex: dwells)
  • adjust the permission level of the user
  • select ok

Inform the appropriate people that you have shared a calendar with them.

In order for users to access a shared calendar in Kerio:

  • right click on your email address, which appears at the top of the folder list
  • select subscribe shared folder
  • type in the username of the person who created and shared the calendar with you (ex: dwells)
  • select ok
  • the shared will display in the bottom of the window
  • make sure there is a check beside the calendar name
  • select ok
  • the shared calendar will now appear at the bottom of the folders list – it will be listed under the email address of the person who created the calendar and a calendar folder

LIFE Photo Archive Now Hosted By Google


Millions of historic photographs from LIFE’s archives are now available online at Google Images.  The digitized images date back to the 1750s and include photos and etchings owned by LIFE.  You can browse the collection by decade, peope, place, event, sports, and culture. 

Here’s a search tip when using the main Google Image Search:  to search only the LIFE photo archive, add “source:life” to your search.

Spelling City Website


This site offers a way to make spelling fun through interactive games and quizzes.  The site was has over 35,000 spelling words and eight spelling games, and includes a real person who says each word and incorporates it into a sentence.
Students, parents, and teachers can save their own spelling lists.  The site is free; you only need to register is you want to have the ability to create and save your own spelling lists.   

The New Rules of Copyright


This article by Judy Salpeter of TechLearning discusses how schools can use online content in the right way.  It includes Copyright Do’s and Don’ts for Schools and Creative Commons at a Glance.

Integrated Studies Resources

Common Sense: An Overview of Integrated Studies - ~10 minute video

Kaleidoscopic Learning: An Overview of Integrated Studies

Multidisciplinary Mavens: Experts Recommend Integrated Studies Resources

Integrated Studies in Honolulu: Moanalua High School - ~6 minute video



Give this tool a try – PrintWhatYouLike.com

PrintWhatYouLike.com is a tool that allows you to print web pages without all the extras that you don’t need, like ads, sidebars, background images, footers, etc.

You just enter the URL, hit enter, and the page opens with a sidebar containing editing tools.  Now you can delete the things you don’t want, and adjust the text to make it easier to read (ex: increase the text size, and change the font). 

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